Mr. Jacks Catering Service outing Agreement

Mr. Jacks recommends that when planning an outdoor function, you need to take into consideration that the weather play’s an important part of the function as well as the food. Although we can guarantee the food, we can not guarantee the weather.

Mr. Jacks can provide tent, table, and chair packages at an additional cost and must be ordered in advance on a first come, first serve basis. Table cloths are not ‘included but can be ordered for an additional fee.

If it is raining or expected to rain on the day of your event we ~in have to take alternative action. You will need to provide a place for set-up, either inside or under cover. We do not provide shelter for food set up unles.s it is taken care of in advance. However we can supply cover for the grill so that we can still cook in light rain conditions.

Mr. Jacks has many years of experience in outdoor functions and recommends that planning in advance is the best insurance that your event will run smoothly.

A final head count is due on the TUESDAY before your event and final payment is due on the THURSDAY before your event. If on the-day of your event you have additional people above your final headcount, you will be charged accordingly.

Our equipment is very heavy and we need to work from our van, so therefore an easily accessible area for our set-up and van is needed, otherwise an additional charge will be incurred.

Upon,arrival to your event, we will set up and serve for a period of two hours. Any extra cooking time will be charged accordingly and needs to be discussed with the caterer in advance.

Upon departure, you will need to provide containers and wrap for any and all left over cooked food. We do not supply extra paper goods or supplies and therefore will need to be provided by you upon our departure.

Due to Board of Health Regulations, trash is not allowed to be in our vehicles at any time, therefore you will need to provide all trash receptacles.

If you are having your event at a function hall or club that requires an additional fee for the caterer., you are responsible for that fee and any other charges that the hall or club may require.

Mr. Jack’s Catering requires a $100.00 no refundable deposit to hold the date for you. No date is considered booked without a deposit.Please check with us 30 days prior to you event. All pricing is subject to change.

I hope this helps you in planning your outdoor function. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.

If you do not wish to fill out the form online you can download it here
and fax it to us at 978-663-0372.

 Service Outing Agreement